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About Capestone

Cape Stone is one of the top-rated manufacturers of paving and tiling products. Based in Hermanus we offer a range of products and solutions for any application. Our distribution network ensures a reliable and timely response to your order throughout Hermanus, Overstrand, and Western Cape region.

Our show rooms are located in the Hermanus industrial area, 7 Argon Street. We welcome all clients from the home DIY’r, to contractors and architects to visit us and learn more about our products and services.

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How we create unsurpassable hand-cast paving and tiling products

The first step to improving your project.

This starts every morning with moisture calculation controls done on our raw material , sand , stone , crusher dust , water , cement.

Why? In order to make high quality consistent batching of concrete before we make beautiful products.So making consistent high quality concrete is a science.

It’s like baking a cake if you have ingredients that are not measured exactly, the cake flops.

Concrete requires exact measurements of raw materials to water content to achieve consistent batching ,a little too much water and it radically changes the strength of the concrete to little water has the same effect … every product made every day that goes out our factory has the same strength Of 35MPA.

While this process is time consuming and expensive, we at Cape Stone are committed to the quality of every single batch of products we make.

To our knowledge not many of our competitors implement this process.


The second step in creating future value.

When products are taken out of the molds before stacking onto the pallets every product is checked manually for defects and if defects are found they are taken out before packing onto the pallets.


The final manufacturing quality concrete paving and tiling products.

Our final checks are done when getting the delivery orders together for delivery….all products are once again checked visually while being prepared for transport and final delivery.


Trusted experience to provide you better results


They trust us

Quality workmanship, quality product, quality service

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