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How Nature & Time Effect My Paving & Tiling

Unveil the profound effects of natural forces on your paving and tiling. Dive into the intricate relationship between nature and enduring design. Understand what is causing wear and tear on your paving and tiling, and the reasons behind it.
effects of nature and time on your paving and tiling

At Capestone, we take pride in offering exquisite paving solutions made from the finest natural aggregates. While our Capestone paving and tiling products are designed to be durable and visually appealing, it’s important to understand that concrete, like any other material, can be influenced by natural factors over time.

In this guide, we will explore the natural phenomena that may affect your Capestone paving and tiling products, providing you with a better understanding of their impact and possible solutions.

Edge banding on concrete-set flagstones

  • Description: Formation of cement staining resembling a picture frame around flagstones, visible a few days after installation.

  • Impact: Primarily occurs when wet cement slurry grout is used for joint filling.

  • Explanation: Cement-contaminated water from the grout is absorbed by the flagstones, creating a “transport chain” that leads to staining.

  • Mitigation: To prevent staining, use approved grouting materials that provide a flexible joint and minimize the chance of staining.

Efflorescence: White Deposits on Pavers

  • Description: White salt deposits that may appear on or near the surface of concrete, clay, and natural stone products.

  • Impact: Efflorescence causes temporary discoloration but doesn’t affect the performance or structural integrity of Capestone paving and tiling.

  • Explanation: Efflorescence can arise from within the concrete or from the sub-grade beneath the pavers. It gradually diminishes over time and affects various shades, although lighter-colored pavers may show it to a lesser degree.

  • Mitigation: Efflorescence naturally dissipates, and there are specialized products available to safely and effectively remove the deposits.

Black Efflorescence: Dark Patches

  • Description: Occasional blackening or darkening of Capestone products within two to 18 months after installation.

  • Impact: Dark patches may appear on certain pavers but don’t compromise their structural performance.

  • Explanation: The cause of this phenomenon is still under investigation, and it may be associated with specific soil conditions in certain regions. Ground water has also been associated with the cause of black efflorescence.

  • Mitigation: The darkening is not uniform across the site and is beyond the control of manufacturers.

Discolouration of Pavers: Differential Curing

  • Description: Variations in colour among individual pavers, with different light or dark-hued frames and cores.

  • Impact: Initially noticeable colour variations that become less pronounced over time, without affecting the quality or longevity of Capestone products.

  • Explanation: Concrete curing is a chemical process that occurs over years, resulting in the eventual fading of these colour variations.

For comprehensive solutions and expert advice, there are specialized products available in the market that offer paving tools, sealants, protectors, grout, grout stabilizers, and cement and efflorescence removers. Their expertise can guide you in maintaining and protecting your Capestone paving and tiling products effectively.

At Capestone, we are committed to providing you with exceptional paving solutions and assisting you at every stage. Feel free to reach out to us for any further inquiries or assistance you may require.

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