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Square Cladding

Square Cladding 2 colour showcase

High quality hand-cast square cladding stone stacked vertically or horizontally and can be used for beautiful finishes to interior and exterior walls.

Dry Stack Cladding

Dry Stack Cladding wall showcase

Dry stack stone wall cladding is when loose trimmed stone of varying sizes are stacked on top of one another and can add a beautiful look of old world charm.

Riven Cladding

Corner Wall Riven Wall Cladding

Riven Cladding is a strip-style cladding that is robust in design and can be used in multiple applications; indoors and outdoors.

Off Shutter Wall Cladding

Off Shutter Wall Tile Cladding 1200x600x20mm

Off shutter wall cladding is durable and allows for modern and unique designs. Suited for both commercial and residential structures.

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