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Klompie Cobblestone

Klompie Cobble_Dimensions-225x65x50

Transform your outdoor spaces with Capestone’s Klompie Cobblestone. Inspired by traditional clay Klompies, this modern design is ideal for driveways, walkways, and patios. Unleash the charm!

Flamed Granite Econo Cobble

Flamed Granite Econo Cobble 120x120x40

Our flamed granite econo cobble product range has been heated with flame to create a superb finish to provide an upmarket look at low cost.

French Cobble

French Cobble 100x100x40mm

Our French Cobble is inspired by the historic cobblestone streets of Paris. We offer hand-cast stone products that bring property to life.

Royal Cobble

Royal Cobble colour sandstone 150x200x50mm

Royal Cobble has a softened edge, and top, perfect for designs with a more intimate feel. Beautiful examples of rustic yet clean cobblestones.

Flamed Granite Cobble

Flamed Granite Cobble 225x225x40mm displayed ion white background with red banner and paving measurements below.

Our flamed granite cobble product range has been torched with a flame to create a wonderful finish to provide a clean finished look.

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